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Tender Notices

Tender is invited from the Government Contractors, registered with Pakistan Engineering Council and the relevant Govt. departments for the work mentioned below:  
Tender Ref No.
Name of work
Tender Fee
Time Limit
Bid Security
09/ DG/ 2011-12
Supply and Fixation of 10 -12 KVA DG Set. 
Rs. 500
2 month
2% of Bid
The tender documents shall be issued w.e.f. 2.03.2012 to the short-listed firms on the basis of their performance, relevant experience and successful completion of similar works with different departments, after payment of prescribed tender fee. All such documents including performance certificates from the clients are required to be attached with the request for issue of tender documents. No tender form shall be issued without these documents. The Specification of the above work and Terms & Conditions regarding the works/ are given in tender documents.  

Tenders on the prescribed documents shall be received in the office of the undersigned on 19.03.2012 up to 11:00 a.m. and will be opened at 11:30 a.m. the same day in the presence of tender opening committee and representatives of the firms who desire to participate. No tender form will be issued on the date of opening.
(Engr. Dr. Attaullah Shah)
                                                                                                               Project Director
                                                                                           Tel: 051-9057212, 9057731 Fax: 051-9250100

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