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AIOU Internship Programme

Manual For MBA Internship Programme
Department of Business Administration
Allama Iqbal Open University

Manual For Internship Training Programme


After completion of compulsory courses for MBA, MBA (Banking & Finance) and MBA-IT, the students are required to undertake internship training programme in an organization for a period of 6-8 weeks. The approach for students in the selection of Internship organization coinciding with specialization is given in the following table:


MBA (Open and Distance learning System)

MBA-Banking & Finance Financial Institutions/ Stock


For HRM specialization non-profit organizations can also be selected.

The internship enables the students to understand, how the theoretical knowledge can be applied to the practical situations. The organization selected should be well established and preferably have 15 employees at the strength of its specific department/section to be studied by the students. If a student selects his own organization then it must fulfill the required conditions. The students should follow the format as emulated in subsequent paragraphs. Verbatim copy/reproduction of any report or document shall not be accepted. In such cases the student will have to repeat the whole activity in some other organization assigned by the department. As such copy of any other report will not be accepted. In such cases, the student will be strictly penalized. For the purpose of internship the students are required to select any commercial or business concern.). It is mandatory For MBA (Banking and Finance that the students should undertake internship training in any Bank or Financial Institution. If required, the university may provide them an introductory letter addressed to the organization.

After completion of the internship, the students are required to submit a draft copy of internship report to the Department of Business Administration. In case the report is not up to the prescribed standard the students would be asked to improve it as per comments of the faculty member and resubmit. The students who submit pass result cards of all the required courses and approved copy of the internship report would be allowed to appear in viva voce examination.


Internship is a scheme of arrangements, requiring a student to work in an organization for a specific period of time after completing requisite number of degree courses. Internship has certain specific objectives such as to: Training in genuine understanding. Apply management knowledge to practice, Improve personal skills i.e. organizational analysis, financial analysis, marketing analysis etc. Improve report writing skills, Help develop concrete plans, including long and short-term action plans, along with financial details.

Framework for writing internship report:

Title Page
Copy of internship completion letter
List of Contents

List of contents: This list should contain all chapters’ headings, sub headings, and list of all annexes.

List of tables: All tables, which are part of the report, should be given in this list.

List of graphs: All graphs of the report should be listed in this list.

List of charts: All organizational charts etc. should be listed there.

List of acronyms: All acronyms used in the report should be listed here

Objectives of studying the organization: What do you want to achieve by studying this organization?

Overview of the organization: Brief history of the organization

Nature of the organization: What type of business activities are performed by the organization?

Business volume in terms of revenue, deposits, advances, investments, etc. Quote
figures for five years and analyze the trend. You must use the latest years’ data.

Organizational structure

Number of employees by giving cadre (designation) vise break up
Product lines (Description of the various products/ services offered by the organization)

Describe the structure of overall organization in terms of reporting lines also showing the respective authorities and responsibilities.

Admission to Post Graduate Programs


ENGLISH           URDU


ENGLISH           URDU 
Admission to Postgraduate Programs for Spring, 2011 Semester (Merit Lists)

It is to inform you that your admission has been provisionally accepted for the subject programme and the following courses are being offered in this semester.

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1. Merit List of M.Ed. Special Education

2. Merit List of M.A Special Education

3. Admissions to M.Sc Mathematics Spring, 2011 Semester

4. Merit List of M.Sc Statistics Spring, 2011 Semester

5. Admission to M.Sc Statistics for Spring, 2011 Semester

6. Admission to M.Ed Special Education for Spring, 2011 Semester

7. Admission to MA Special Education for Spring, 2011 Semester

8 Admission to M.Sc. Math for Spring, 2011 Semester

9. Admission to M.Sc. Physics for Spring, 2011 Semester

10. Merit list of M.Sc. Physics for Spring, 2011 Semester

Merit List of All Programs

AIOU Admission to M.Sc Mass Communication For Semester Spring 2011


ENGLISH           URDU 
Admission to M.Sc Mass Communication For Semester Spring 2011
List of Selected Candidates for admission to M.Sc. Mass Communication for semester Spring, 2011 has been finalized.
See the Selected Candidates list given below:


Name of Applicant
Father's Name
Kanza Zia
Syed Zia uddin Ahmed
Aiza Suleman
Muhammad Sulemman
Zeeshan Hussain
Tanveer Hussain
Abeer Imam
Muhammad Raza Ali
Hibba Tul Waheed
Munir Ahmad Bismil
Sahib Khan
Sadaf Fayyaz
Raja Muhammad Fayyaz
Rao Muhamad Asim Shakeel
Muhammad Shakeel Shahid
Irfan Ahmed Naseem
Ahmed Hussain Naseem
Afzal Javed
Muhammad Javed 
Muhammad Noman
Ghulam Gous
Rabia Mukhtar
Mukhtar Ahmed
Yasir Hussain Malik
Qurban Hussain Malik
Majid Pervez Malik
Pervez Aslam Malik
Muhammad Akif
Ghulam Mustafa
Muhammad Imran Khan
Dilawar Khan
Shaher bano
Muhammad Wali Haider
Naeem Ahmad
Babu Mehmood
Aisha Hayat
Khizar Hayat
Naeem Anjum
Kabir Hussain
Nadia Zubair
Zahoor ul Haq
Omer Malik
naeem Ullah Malik
S Faryal Zehra
S. Basit Hussain
Fahim Dad
Rahim Dad
Zubaida Perveen
Liaqat Ali
Taj Nabi
Rahman Uddin
Aftab Kabir
Ahmed Kabir
Khawaja Asim Mehmood
Khawaja Ashiq Mehmood
Muhammad Tanveer Abbas
Muhammad Hanif
Sohaib Ahmad
Ahmed Sarmad
Sundas Mushtaq
Mushtaq Majeed
Muhamad Ashfaq
Niaz Ahmed
Anila Sheikh
Muhammad Naqvi
Umar Arshad Khan
Muhammad Arshad Khan
Mehwish Akram
Ch. Muhammad Akram
Shahzad Ali Raki     
Ismail Khan Raki
Iqra Rasool
Ghulam Rasool
Umair Afzal
Ch. Amir Afzal
Muhammad Yasir Ayub
Muhammad Ayub
Safdar Shahzad Arshad
Muhmmmad Arshad
Muhammad Nazim Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal Asam
Shumaila Sarwar
Muhammad Sarwar
Husnain Raza
Liaqat Ali Sandhu
Farzana Asif
Muhammad Rafiq
Saadia Razzaq
Abdul Razzaq
Hafeez Ullah Qadeer
Muhammad Hussain
Jawad Ahmed Azhar
Nazir Ahmed Azhar
Zubair Mumtaz
Mumtaz Khan
Mahmooda Zafar
Zafar Ali
Zeeshan Ahmed
Noor Ahmed
Sidra Jalil
Abdul Jalil
Rubab Aisha
Mehar Muhammad Yousaf
Shakil Ahmed
Muhammad Yousaf Chohan
Sadia Saleem
Muhammad Saleem Tauni
Nadeem Jaffar
Ghulam Rasool
Kausar Zahid
Zahid Ashraf Butt
Muhammad Saghir
Muhammad Afsar
Aamer Satti
Gulnawaz Satti
Rameesa Hussain
Muhammad Hussain Toppa
Muhammad Suleman
Abdul nasir
Hafiz Muhammad Ahmad Tahir
Muhammad Hussain
Amir Shahzad
Ghulam Sarwar
Muhammad Nadeem Kafait
Kafait Hussain
Sahib Dad Saqib
Ch. Azmat ullah
Iqbal Hanif
Muhammad Hanif
Razzaq Ahmed
Ghulam Nabi
Tariq Mahmood Sabir
Muhammad Anwer Saber
Khuram Arther
Arther Bhatti
Aqsa Shahzad
Al Haj Shahzad Iqbal
Madiha Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal javed
Musaddiq Shahzad
Muhammad Aslam
Tabinda Amjad
Amjad Hussain
Nabi Bakhsh
Khamisa Khan
Muhammad Ashfaq Adeem
Mumtaz Ali
Rabia Naz
Mulazam Hussain
Abdul Basit Khan Abbasi
Abdul Hameed Khan Abbasi
Sarfraz Ahmad
Alla Ud Din
Syed Muhammad Ismail
Syed Ali Ibrahim
Nayyar Adeel Siddiqui
bashir ud Din
Ammara Izhar
Ishar ul Haq
Fayyaz Hussain
Rab Nawaz
Tariq Mahmood Virk
Muhammad Sharief Virk
Ghulam Farid
Ghulam Habib
Kamran Ullah
Rafi ud Din
Saira Ahmad
javed Iqbal Butt
Hafiz Shahid Nazeer
Nazeer Hussain
Hafiza Sehrish Iram
Muhammad Ajmal Hayat
Saif ul Rahman Tariq
Abdul Rahman
Rania Ismail
Sheikh Muhammad Ismail
Atif Ilyas
Muhammad Ilyas
Shaukat Ali Saeedi
Ali Muhammad
Sajjad Akbar
Karam Ellahi
Bushra Itfaq Abbasi
Itfaq Ahmed Abbasi
Zaheer Ahmad
Bashir Ahmad
Azkar Ullah Niazi
Atta Ullah Niazi
Nazia Javed
Javed Awan
Yawar Abbas
Ijaz Hussain
Asma Iqbal
Ch Iqbal Ahmed
Shahnaz Akhtar
Abdul Rashid
Farzana Gul
Umer Khan Niazi
Muhammad Shahnawaz Qadir
Abdul Qadir
Tahir Mehmood
Hafiz Muhammad Jalal
Kamran Zafar
Zafar Iqbal Qureshi
Mishal Shabir
Muhammad Shabir
Farman Bashir
Bashir Ahmed
Muhammad Rizwan Sheikh
Sheikh Iftikhar Ahmed
Zia ur Rehman
Aslam Shahhid
Zia Ur Rehman
Khalil Ur Rehman
Ali Nawaz
Haji Gull Muhammad
Sonia Afsheen Faiz
Malik Faiz  Muhammad
Syed Nasir Raza Zaidi
Syed Mukhtar Raza Saidi
Ghulam Sakeena
Gulab Khan
Hafiz Muhammad Aziz ur Rehman
Muhammad Bashir Ahmed
Usman Younas
Muhammad younas
Muhammad Muzammil
Muhammad hayat
Muzammal Hussain
Ghulam Rasool
Syed Sami ul Haq Bukhari
Syed Ahsan ul Haq Bukhari
Sidra Malik
Mahmood Malik
Hafiz Muhammad Faisal
Muhammad Nazir
Kamran Ali
Omaid Ali
Abida Yasmin
Inayat Ali
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Aashiq
Muhammad Ahmed Mumtaz Niazi
Mumtaz Munawar Khan Niazi
Ejaz Akhtar
Akhtar Hussain
Muhammad Sajjad Ashraf
Haji Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Anwar Malik
Sufi Ghulam Sarwar
Samina Zahoor ul Haq
Zahoor ul Ha
Mujeeb ur Rehman Abbasi
Muhammad Gulzman Abbasi
Qazi Bismillah
Qazi Imdad Ullah
Tahir Qadeer Qureshi
Zameer Alam Qyureshi
Zameer |Ahmed
Noor Din
Shahzad Saleem  Abbasi
Fazal e Haq Abbasi
Zahid Mehmood
Mian Bashir Ahmed 
Mubeen Ahmkad Khan
Hafiz Muhammad Tufail
M. Zeeshan ul Haq Abdul
Qazi Muhammad Ayaz
Asma Bhatti
Muhammad Anwar Bhatti
Zaheer Ahmad
Muhammad Qadeer
Muhammad Ihsan ul Haq Alvi
Wali Muhamad
Muhammad Nouman Shafique
Muhamad Shafique
Tabassum Naz
Nizakat Hussain
Sana Naimat
Naimat Ullah Qadri
Qamar Sajjad
Inayat Ali
Saba Bashir
Muhammad Bashir
Rajab Ali
Muhammad Sultan
Muhammad Sultan Omar Khan
Umar Khan Niazi
Rafia Adrees
Chaudhry Muhammad Adrees
Kashfa Shabbir
Shabbir hussain Zafar
Idrees Ahmad Moghal
Ali Qader Khan
Hassan Khan
Shahid Iqbal Awan
Abdul Qayyum Awan
Ehtesham Ilyas
Muhammad Ilyas
Muhammad Waqas Ameer
Ameer Ahmed
Arshad Ali
Muhammad Ashraf
Hafsa Butt
Ijaz Ahmed butt
Ijaz Zaidi
Bashir Ahmed
Fariha Nadeem
Muhammad Qaisar Qureshi
Amir Farooq Ahmed
Muhammad Afzal
Sadaf Saeed
Muhammad Saeed
Abdul Qayyum
Muhammad Hussain
Tanzeela Rehman
Sahib Dad Khan Niazi
Amna Bibi
Syed Muzaffar Shah
Amir Hafeez
Abdul Hafeez
Zobia Naheed
Ghulam Mohiud Din Mughal
Hammad Ahmad Gill
Riaz Ahmad Gill
Syed Muhammad Saleem Akhtar
Muhammad Sharif Shah
Fakhar Naveed
Muhammad Akram
Sidra Rafi
Muhammad Rafique Khan
Naseim Aslam
Muhammad Aslam
Nasir Sultan
Muhammad Fazil
Amana Marriyam
Muhammad Tariq
Muhammad Imran Naeem
Muhammad Naeem
Muhammad Irfan Javed
Haji Jan Muhammad javed
Ammara Islam
Akhter Islam
Azmat Ali
Muhammad Anwar
Abdul Rauf Aqib
Haji Habib ur Rehman
Musaffa Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Sohail Farooq
Ghulam Hussain
Amber Zahid
M. Zahid Nadeem
Zaira Raza
Shahid Raza
Iffat Rafi
Muhammad Rafi Choudhery
Muhammad Faisal Mansoor
Malik Mansoor Khan
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Shafi
Maria Rashid
Abdul Rashid Hashmi
Hafsa Walaique
Muhamad Walaique Khan
Kashif Mehmood Abro
Abdul Haque Abro
Aisha Javed
Muhammad Javed Zafar
Rozina Jan
Muhammad Izhar
Muhammad Muntazir Mehdi
Sikandar Hayat
Mohsin Ahmad Malhi
Sarfraz Ahmad Malhi
Tooba Waheed
Mian Abdul Waheed
Shaukat Ali Anjum
Nazir Ahmed
Muhammad Awais
Ghulam Fareed
Farhan Ishaq
Muhammad Ishaq
Muhammad Nawaz Khan
Dadan Khan
Muhammad Imran
Muhammad Khan
Shoaib Afzal
Ghulam Hussain
Aftab Ahmad
Zahoor Ahmad  shaheen
Miamuna Asad
Khawaja Muhammad Asadullah
Qasim Ali
Muhammad Anwar
Gulzar Ahmad
Muhammad Roshan
Syed Muhammad Shoaib Akbar
Syed Muhammad Akbar
Sahar Khan
Shakeel Yousaf
Mujhammad Asif
Muhammad Sharif
Rabiah Jamil beg
Jamil Ahmed beg
Ashfaque Ahmed
Ali Ahmed
Sidra Kausar
Muhammad Younas
Nazrana Wakeel
Abdul Wakeel Khan
Imran Ullah
Allah Ditta
Rizwan Hayat
Muhammad Hayat
Muhammad Rizwan
Abdl Khanan
Tahir mahmood
Muhammad Sabir
Sana Ejaz
Ejaz ul Haq
Imran Jameel
Muhammad Jameel
Imran Sohail
Muhammad Aslam
Javed Ghani
Abdul Ghani
Zain ul Abideen Abid
Ahmad Baksh
Ghulam Fatima
Muhammad Anwar
Tariq Sarfraz
Muhammad Ismail
Kiran Fiaz Khokhar
Faiz Hussain
Muhammad Anwar 
Sarbuland Khan
Muhammad Ashiq
Bashir Ahmed
Faisal Qayyum
Khadim Hussain
Azhar Ali
Mehar Sultan
Mubashar Ali
Ashraf Ali
Salman Zia Khan
Zia Ullah Khan
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Ramzan
Syeda mehtab
Iqbal Shah
Saira Hassan
Hasan Abid Khurshid
Sadia Sadiq
Muhammad Sadiq
Anwar Ali
Muhammad Assad Ullah
Salik Aziz
Muhammad Ibrahim
Saima Khan
Muhammad Ejaz Khan
Asad Abbas
Abdul Rehman
Muhammad Mumtaz
Sher Muhammad
Umay Kalsoom
Maqbool Ahmed
Muhammad Ayaz
Muhammad Hussain
Zohaib Alam
Muhammad Alam
Abdul Qadeer
Abdul Rahim
Mirza Babar Rasool
Ghulam Rasool
Muhamad Asif Butt
Muhammad  Yousaf Butt
Muhammad Fawad Sharif
Muhammad Sharif
Mehwish Munir
Munir Ahmad
Waheed Hussain
Nazir Hussain
Tahira Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib Sarwar
Nauman Sadaf
Abdul Jabbar
Nadia Manzoor
Manzoor Hussain
Naila Ghaffar
Abdul Ghaffar
Aqsa Ali
Muhammad Ali
Fouzia Hanif
Ch. Muhammad Hanif
Sultana Kausar
Abdul Rasheed
Adeel Sabir
Sabir hussain
Faiza Mumtaz
Mumtaz Ahmad
Sadaf Riaz
Riaz Ahmed Bhatti
Uzma Norin
Muhammad Khan
Rubina Atta
Atta Muhammad
Farhan Mehr
Mehr Muhammad
Saeeda Khurshid
Khurshid Ahmad
Muhammad Alam Sher
Maqbool Ahmed
Arshad Naeem
Ali Afsar
Malik Muhammad Atif Shehzad
Malik Muhammad Faiz
Shamim Ahmad Khan
nasrallah Khan
Mustafa Raza
Muhammad Suleman Butt
Salah ud Din
Hafiza Faiqa Tahir
Tahir Hussain
Muhammad Shahid Nawaz
Muhammad Ali
Sohail Mahmood
Ulfat Hussain
Sarfraz haider
Muhammad Azam
Muhamad Faruq Khan
Sher Khan
Serish Akram
Muhammad Akram Khokhar
Rahat jabeen
Muhammad Afzal
Elahi Mawaz
Raja Amjad Mawaz
Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan Hanif
Muhammad hanif Shakir
Sami Ullah
Idrees Akbar
Muhammad Shoaib
Allah Ditta Chaudhary
Qurat ul Ain
Tariq Mahmood Seeikh
Iftikhar Ahmad Zafar
Muhammad Rafique Zafar
Mirza Saifullah
Abid Ali Khan
Khudadad Khan
Anam Baig
Mirza Ashraf Baig
Zubaida batool
Mirza Muhammad Akram
Muhammad Ashfaq Adeem
Ghulam Mustafa
Itrat Naba
Abdul Waris
Mhmood ul hassan Shahid
Muhammad Nishan
"Razwan Ahmed
Sajawal Khan
Muhammad Ramzan Shakir
Muhammad Ali
Tanveer ur Islam
Muhammad Sadiq
Muhammad Asif
Muhammad Javid Iqbal
Kamran Perwaiz
Iqbal Pervaiz
Mahmood Mirza
Muhammad Bashir Mirza
Ghulam Murtaza Naeem
Muhammad Arshad
Anam Khan
tasleem Khan
Muhammad Khalid javid
Abdul Majeed 
Qamar Riaz
Muhammad Riaz 
Sidra yasmeen
Muhammad Younas
Muhammad Zia ul Murtaza
Muhammad Yousaf
Farah Rasheed
Muhammad Rasheed
Farhat Razzaq
Abdul Razzaq
Muhammad Yaqoob
Muhammad Ibrahim
Ijaz Akbar Shah
Muhammad Aslam Shah
Uzma Naseem
Mian Atta Ullah
Khurram Shahzad
Khurshid Ali Khan
Tasneem Khalid
Khalid Malik Zaheer
Ali nawaz
Gohar Nawaz
Muhammad Imran
Haji Ahmed
Chand Bibi
Riaz Akhtar
Muhammad Majeed
Muhammad Anwar
Sajid Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf
Muraffa Chaudhary
Muhammad Naeem Ullah
Muhammad Aqeel Afzal
Muhammad Afzal Shad
Muhammad Usman Jahangir
Janangir Khan
Ishrat Naz Gillani
Mehmood Shah Gillani
Maqbool Ahmad
Khair ud Din
Muhamad Imran Hussain
Muhammad Hussain
Zohaib Ahmad
Ahmad Sarmad
Muhammad Sadiq
Sadia Asif
Asif Ali Khan
Muhammad Rafique Babar
Hafiz Muhammad Siddique
Muhammad Aslam Khan
Muhammad Afzal
Haji Manzoor Ahmad
Abida Nisar
Nisar Ahmed
Imran Zafar
Zafar Iqbal Qureshi
Muhammad Wasil
Abbas Ali
Abdul Saboor
Abdul Shakoor
Muhammad Hashim
Allah Wasaya
Muhammad Zubair
sher Muhammad
Munazzah perveen
Talib Hussain
Shamila Shafiq
Muhamad Shafique
Naila yaqoob
Muhammad yaqoob
Maryam Zafar
Zafar Iqbal
Aleem Shahzad
Abdul Hameed
Noman Zeb
Chan Zeb
Usman Ali
Muhammad nawaz
Azhar Abbas Bukhari
Syed Ghulam Shah Bukhari
Yasir Abbas
Muhammad Abbas
Rizwan Ahmed Butt
Bashir Ahmed Butt
Noorulain Zafer
Zaferullah Awan
Abdul Rehman
Muhammad Shafi
Atzaz Maqsood
Maqsood Ahmed
Tahira Jabeen
Abdul Hafeez
Uzma Liaqat
Malik Liaqat Ali
Syed Muhammad Saqlian Abbas
Syed Fareed Hussain
Syed Matloob Hussain Shah
Syed Maqbool Hussain Shah
Zia Mehmood
Malik Mehmood ul Haq
Samina Kausar
Rehmat Ali
Shahnaz Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid
Nazar ul Islam
Amir Afsar Awan
Talat Ikram
Muhammad Ikram
Isma Unis
Abdul Ghafoor
Usman Hafeez
Hafeez Akhtar
Muhamad Aslam Awan
Jan Muhammad Awan
Shoib Manzoor
Muhammad Shafi
Saima Khalid
Khalid Javaid
Jan Muhammad
Imam Din
Liaqat Ali
Muhammad Azam
Uzma Shazadi
Ch. Fazal Ahmed Waraich
Aurang Zeb
Madiha Sana
Sana Ullah
Qurat ul Ain
Javed Iqbal
Muqadas Shafique
Muhammad Shafique
Warda Zahid
Zahid Ashraf Butt
Shazia Liaqat
Liaqat Ali
Muhammad Irfan
Gulzar Ahmad
Sana Saleem Rauf
Muhammad Saleem Rauf
Sara Habib
Habib ur Rehman Umer
Muhammad Shazad Razzaq
Abdul Razzaq
Faaiz ul Hassan
Inayatullah Siddiqui
Kiran Saba
Sheikh Ghulam Qadir
Sheikh Ihtisham Raouf
Sheikh abdul Raouf
Rashid Rizwan Ali
Muhamad Rizwan
Muhammad Tahir
Saif ur Rehman
Misbah Tasneem
Tasneem ul Haq
Maryum Javaid
Malik javaid Iqbal
Muhammad Umer Farook
Mian Muhammad Inayat
Hameeda Begum
Shah Nawaz
Zylfqarnain Haider
Zahoor Elahi
Muhammad Yousaf
Muhammad Aslam
Nabila Kanwal
Shabbir Kiyani
Muhammad Asif Iqbal
Noor Muhammad
Sobia Tabasum
Abdul Sattar 
Afzal Hussain Shah
Muhammad Asghar Shah
Majid Hussain
Maqbool Ahmad Khan
Niaz Hussain
Saeed Ahmad
Shakeela Aziz
Raja Aziz Ahmed
Ahmed Saeed
Haji Muhammad Yar
Aamer Saeed
Saeed Ahmad Awan
Bashir Ahmad
Aasma bashir
Muhammad Bashir
Zulfiqar Ali
Muhammad Nazir
Sidra Younas Abbasi
Muhammad Younas Abbasi
Farzana Kausar
Muhammad Manzoor
Muhammad Rehan Tariq
Muhammad Tariq
Muhammad Ahsan Waseem Khattak
Abdul Qayyum Khattak
Aqeel Riaz
Riaz Ahmed
Safia Parveen
Hafeez Ahmed
Noor Muhammad
Muhammad Khisro
Muhammad Nisar Khan
pordil Khan
Ch. Shujaat Ali
Riasat Ali
Salma Asghar
Muhammad Asghar
Syed Zohaib Hassan
Syed Nawazish Ali Shah
Fouzia Yaqoob
Muhammad Yaqoob
Faiza Nawaz
Muhammad nawaz
Saima Akmal
Muhammad Akmal Khan
Yamin Khan Afridi
Shah Wali Khan
Shabana Siddique
Muhammad Siddique
Arshia Zafar
Muhammad Zafar Mohsin
Gulshan Kanwal
M Muzaffar Khan
Kinza Waheed
Abdul Waheed
Jawed Hussain
Syed Sardar Ali
Marium Nasir
Nasir Ali
Haseeb Latif
Latif Khan
Mussarat Naseem
Allah Ditta
Muhammad Khalid javid
Khurshid Alam
Muhammad Tayyab
Adul Ghafoor
Obaid Ur Rehman
Kafayat Ur Rehman
Sadia Iram
Muhammad Zulfiqar
hajira Bibi
Bul Bul Baig
Amna Abbasi
Muhammad Manzoor Abbasi
Imran Ali
Fazal Hussain
naveed Ahmed
Muhammad Ameen jan
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammmad Ishaq
Saghir Ahmad
Amir Ahmad
Nadeem Ahmed
Muhammad Hashim
naveed Ahmed
Qutab Ali
Mudassar Altaf
Muhammad Altaf ur Rehman
Saira Mubeen
Muhammad Din
Muhammad Nawaz
Muhammad Yousaf
Hajira Sarfraz
Sarfraz Ahmed
Syed Aamir Abbass
Syed Karar Hussain Shah
Rizwan Ali Khan
Amjad Ali Khan
Muhammad Kashif
Muhammad Sharif
Syed Taimur Iqbal Pirzada
Syed Shahmim Ahmed Pirzada
Ayesha Munir
Dr. Munir Ahmed
Muhammad Zahid Khan
Muhammad Saleem Khan
Aqsa Ashrsaf
Ch.Muhammad Ashraf
Ghazala Afzal
Muhammad Afzal
Muhammad Kamran Akbar
Muhammad Akbar
Amir Iqbal
Ghulam Shabbir
Hammad Nazir Zaki
Alhaj Nazir Ahmed
Muhammad Hassaan Zaeem
Mahboob Hussain
Khadija Tul Kubra
Muhammad Arshad Mehmood
Muneeb Yasir
Manzoor ul Islam
Nazma Aslam
Muhammad Aslam
Muhammad Imran
Manzoor Ahmad
Sheraz Khan
Muhammad Irshad
Mosin Ali
Khan Muhammad
Sajjad Khan
Jhangir Khan
Shahid Zahid
Zahid Hssain
Fozia Shahzadi
Muhammad Siddique
Hafiz Muhammad Shfiq ur Rehman
Hussain Ahmed
Rashid Hussain
Gul Hussain
Syed Qalib Abbas
Syed lal Hussain Shah
Burhan Haider
Mushabber Hussain
Muhammad Waqas
Asmat ullah Khan
Muhammad Safdar
Malik Attaullah
Shaukat Nadeem
Allaud Din
Muhammad Azhar Sattar
Abdul Sattar
Abdul Sami
Abdul Quyyum
Muhammad Nadeem Khan
Faqir Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Faheem
Muhammad Saleem
Muhammad Akram
Noor Khan
Shazia Latif
Muhammad Latif Kayani
Ghulam Dustgir Khan
Ghulam Mohyuddin Sadiq
Tetheer Zahra
Syed Riaz Hussain Shah
Mian Muhammad Junaid Ahmed
Mian Muhammad Yousaf
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Sharif
Muhammad Sohail Akbar
Abdul Aziz
Ali Sarfraz
Muhammad Hussain
Usman Farid
Zafar Farid
Ali Akbar
Akram Khan
Azhar Ali
Muhammad Sharif Chughtai
Madiha Shahid
Shahid Anwar
Muhammad Javed Iqbal
Manzoor Hussain Jam
Shoaib Ilyas
Ilyas Khan
Syed Faizan hassan
Syed Shabi ul hassan
Muhammad Tanveer
Ch. Muhammad Aalmgeer
Wajeeha Sadaf
Abdul Majeed Khan
Ghulam Mustafa Niazi
Asmat Ullah Khan Niazi
Muhammad Irfan
Abdur Rehman
Yasir Ali
Nazar Hussain
Ansar Abbas
Muhammad Zafar
Basharat mahmood
Muhammad Tufail
Irfan Subhani
Muhammad Sharaf
Bilal Ahmed Butt
Muhammad Younas Butt
Rana Atiqe Ullah Khan
Muhammad Ahsan
Khurshid Ahmad
Nadir Jailani
Ghulam jailani
Sumaira Raheem
Raheem Bukhsh
Fiaz Ahmed
Mian Shauket Ali
Naeem Ullah
Bazar Gul
Waqas Mahmud
Riaz Mahmud
Aumreen Kanwal
Muhammad Akbar Awan
Rubi Sadiq
Sadiq Maish
Saqib Mukhtar
Mukhtar Ahmed
Muhammad Nadeem Shahzad
Muhammad Sadiq
Tanveer Hussain
Abdul Muneer
Saqib Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal 
Mujhammad Idrees
Lal Din
Faiq Nawaz
Rabnawaw Khan
Muhammad Latif
Murtaza Ulfat
Ulfat Hameed
Muhammad Asad Iqbal
javed Iqbal
Muhammad Saleem Shahzad
Muhamad Siddique
Abid Ali Bajwa
Muhammad Sadiq
Sohail  Sabir
Raja Muhammad Sabir
Shazia Kanwal
Liaqat Ali
Hira Riffat
Muhammad Ata Ulhaq Siddiqi
Zafar iqbal
Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Boota
Komal Urooj
Muhamad Shakeel
Muhammad Imran Ali
Muhammad Akram
Ikram Ul Haq
Masih Ul Haq
Summaira Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf
Faisal Shehzad
Dost Muhammad
Musabbir Khan
Sanober Khan
Munir Ahmed Qadri
Muhammad Ishaq Qadri
Majid Shahzad
Amjad Ali
Sumaira Khalil
Khalil Ahmed
Muhammad Waseem Abbasi
Amir Ali Abbasi
Muhammad Shahbaz Anwar
Muhammad Anwar
Waris Ali
Qaim Din
Muhammad Shouiab Khan
Malik Iftikhar Ahmed
Shumaila Mushtaq
Mushtaq Ahmed
Usman Ilyas
Ilyas Ahmed
Raheel Tahir
Qaiem Ali Tahir
Sadia Rabbani
Ghulam Rabbani
Nasir Abbas
Ghulam Abbas
Saleha Riaz
Riaz Ahmed Bhatti
Talib Mehmood
Muhammad Arif
Shoaib ur Rahman
Muhammad Suleman
Muhammad Asim
Abdul Aziz
Ayesha Nazeer
Muhammad nazeer
Sultan naseer ud Din Mahmood
Qazi Abdul Rauf
Muneeb  Javed
MuHammad Aslam
Rabia Sarwar
Muhammad Sarwar
Fozia Aqib
Mumtaz ul Hassan
Muhammad Iqbal
Nazir Ahmed
Usman Saeed
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Faisal
Bagh Ali
Amna Bashir
Bashir Ahmed
Javeria Khalid
Khalid Iqbal
Farhat Abbas
Mujhammad Nawaz
Tauqeer Anwar Siddiqui
Tanweer Anwar Siddiqui
Hira Pervez
Muhammad Pevez
Muhammad Akraam
Muhammad Yahya
Huma Wajid
Wajid Ali Khan
Kashif Raza
Nisar Ahmad
Sarmad Raza
Maqsood Ahmed
Nida ul Fateh
Sadiq Hussain
Syed Hasnain Raza
Fida Hyussain Shah
Rahman ud Din
Muhammad Shafeeq
hafiz Ammir Mustafa Ali Malik
Ghulam Ali
Taha Mahmood
Mirza Aslam Mahmood
Rana Kashif Nazir
Rana Nazir Ahmed Khan
Mushtaq nabi
Imran Gul
Umar Farooq
Hafiz Muhammad Yar
Andila Khalid
Khalid Parvez
Sobia Ishtiaq
Muhammad Ishtiaq Hussain
Nadia Falak
Fazal Karim
Shahzad Butt
Abdul Rashid Butt
Irum Bibi
Muhammad Rafique 
Afshan Qureshi
Muhammad Afzal Qureshi
Yasir Sharif
Sharif Baksh
Rizwana Kausar
Muhammad Saeed
Javed Arif
Muhammad Arif
Khalil Ahmad
Muhammad Yousaf
Sheraz Ahmed
Shamshad Ahmad
Ijaz Ahmed
Muhammad Ramzan
Zaheer Abbas
Muhammad Yousaf Ali
Syed Munir Hussain Shah
Syed Bashir Hussain Shah
Muhammad Asif Majeed
Abdul Majeed 
Ali Raza Bashir
Malik Muhammad Bashir
Aamir Hussain
Waris Khan
Muhammad Afzaal
Muhammad Riaz
Shahid Masood Ahmad
Nazir Ahmed
Tanzela Kousar
Muhammad Afzal
Naveed Iqbal
Muhammad Hussain
Naeem Akhtar
Abdul Raheem
Hasnan Amjad
Amjad Nazir  Kausar
Danish Saleem Malik
Arshad Saleem
Hujjaj Khan
Jehan Darwaish Khan
Saba Kalsoom
Javed Azam
Rehana Kalsoom
Ghulam Hussain
Muhammad Irfan
Sarfraz Ahmed
Farhat Sultana
Zill e Sultan
Rana Talha Basharat
Rana Basharat Ali Khan
Hammad Mureed  bhatti
Mureed Ali
Ehsan Ullah
Faiz Ullah
Gul e Noshad
Shad Muhammad
Arshad Ullah Khan Khattak
Mir Afzal Khan Khattak
Athar Siddique
Muhammad Siddique
Sanam Junejo
Arz Muhammad
Mirza Ramzan Baig
Mirza Ashraf Baig
Kashif Ashfaq
Ashfaq Hussain
Imran Ali
Iftikhar Ahmed
Saadat Ullah
Abdul Ghafoor
Muhammad Abdullah Butt
Muhammad Yousaf Butt
Mujeeb ur Rehman 
Qalander Shah
Muhammad Akram
Khan Mulakh
Aman Ullah Qureshi
Rehmat Ullah Qureshi
Asim Nisar
Nisar ul Haq
Noor Karar
Salah ud Din
Aeman Sana
M. Sana Ullah
Muhammad Shaheen Akhtar
Muhammad Jamil Akhtar
Antazar Hussain
nawab Khan
Neelum Shahzadi
Abdul Ghafoor Javed
Javed Aftab
Malik Faqeer Muhammad
Shoaib Raza
Mahmood Iqbal
Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Saleem
Imran Amir Ali
Amir Ali Khan
Fakhar Abbas
Khadam Hussain
Muhammad Nauman Ahmed
Muhammad Daud Awan
Nouman Karim
Fazal Karim
Muhammad Sher
Muhammad Afzal
Rubina Butt
Muhammad Din
Muhammad Nazir
Muhammad Kamran Shafique
Shafique Ahmed
Muhammad Sarfraz
Muhammad Ilyas
Rabia Noreen
Ghulam Muhammad
Salman Abid
Abid Hashmi
Mudassar Ikram
Muhammad Ikram
Muhammad Sajid Amin
Muhammad Amin 
Kamran Ahmed
Muhammad Siddique
Farrukh Aziz Abbasi
Aziz ur Rehman Abbasi
Muhammad Ashraf
Mureed Bakhsh
Saadia Hanif
Ch Muhammad Hanif
Aqeel Ahmed
Khalil Ahmed
Saira Javed
Javed Iqbal
Muhammad Abdul Qadeer Khan
Muhammad Yasin

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