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AIOU Internship Programme

Manual For MBA Internship Programme
Department of Business Administration
Allama Iqbal Open University

Manual For Internship Training Programme


After completion of compulsory courses for MBA, MBA (Banking & Finance) and MBA-IT, the students are required to undertake internship training programme in an organization for a period of 6-8 weeks. The approach for students in the selection of Internship organization coinciding with specialization is given in the following table:


MBA (Open and Distance learning System)

MBA-Banking & Finance Financial Institutions/ Stock


For HRM specialization non-profit organizations can also be selected.

The internship enables the students to understand, how the theoretical knowledge can be applied to the practical situations. The organization selected should be well established and preferably have 15 employees at the strength of its specific department/section to be studied by the students. If a student selects his own organization then it must fulfill the required conditions. The students should follow the format as emulated in subsequent paragraphs. Verbatim copy/reproduction of any report or document shall not be accepted. In such cases the student will have to repeat the whole activity in some other organization assigned by the department. As such copy of any other report will not be accepted. In such cases, the student will be strictly penalized. For the purpose of internship the students are required to select any commercial or business concern.). It is mandatory For MBA (Banking and Finance that the students should undertake internship training in any Bank or Financial Institution. If required, the university may provide them an introductory letter addressed to the organization.

After completion of the internship, the students are required to submit a draft copy of internship report to the Department of Business Administration. In case the report is not up to the prescribed standard the students would be asked to improve it as per comments of the faculty member and resubmit. The students who submit pass result cards of all the required courses and approved copy of the internship report would be allowed to appear in viva voce examination.


Internship is a scheme of arrangements, requiring a student to work in an organization for a specific period of time after completing requisite number of degree courses. Internship has certain specific objectives such as to: Training in genuine understanding. Apply management knowledge to practice, Improve personal skills i.e. organizational analysis, financial analysis, marketing analysis etc. Improve report writing skills, Help develop concrete plans, including long and short-term action plans, along with financial details.

Framework for writing internship report:

Title Page
Copy of internship completion letter
List of Contents

List of contents: This list should contain all chapters’ headings, sub headings, and list of all annexes.

List of tables: All tables, which are part of the report, should be given in this list.

List of graphs: All graphs of the report should be listed in this list.

List of charts: All organizational charts etc. should be listed there.

List of acronyms: All acronyms used in the report should be listed here

Objectives of studying the organization: What do you want to achieve by studying this organization?

Overview of the organization: Brief history of the organization

Nature of the organization: What type of business activities are performed by the organization?

Business volume in terms of revenue, deposits, advances, investments, etc. Quote
figures for five years and analyze the trend. You must use the latest years’ data.

Organizational structure

Number of employees by giving cadre (designation) vise break up
Product lines (Description of the various products/ services offered by the organization)

Describe the structure of overall organization in terms of reporting lines also showing the respective authorities and responsibilities.

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