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Diploma Computer Science

PGD (CS) Online Program

PGD(cs) program is especially designed for professionals who would like to convert their career into Computer Science. This programme is unique since into Computer Science. This programme is unique since it is suitable for all disciplines.It essential practical skills in key areas of Computer Science. The programme can be completed in one year and successful candidates could start a professional carrier.


Admission Criteria: Bachelor Degree with with minimum 2nd division from HEC recognize institution Program Duration: One Year (Two Semesters) Offering: Online offering 1st time from spring ,2005 semester.


Rs. 200/-(Registration) once


Rs.2,015/-(Per Course)

Rs. 10,575(1st semester fee)

Academic Guidelines

Course Calendar -Schedule of online activities for whole semester will be available on the website
Study Material    

-Quality reading materials(available at Website)

-Multimedia CDs & Books provided by the University
Online Sessions    

-Online Tutor/student interaction

-70% attendance is Compulsory Workshop    

-Aimed at providing face-to-face tutorial/lab support

-5-7 days workshop during each semester

- Attendance in Workshop is compulsory

-Minimum 40%marks required in each assignment Assignments    

-Assignment will be available at website

-student download assignment

-student will upload the solution before due date

-Both assignment are compulsory

-Minimum 40% marks required in each assignment

Assessment     Two 
Assignment (10%)+Mid Term(20%)+Final Term(70%)
User Accounts     Website access through user accounts
Discussion Forum     common discussion facility at website
Commencement of classes     Communicated to the students

Scheme of Study
Semester - 1

Software Engineering
Introduction to Computer Concepts
Programming in C/C++ Language
Professional Communication
Data Base Applications
Semester - 2

Discrete Structure, Visual Basic & Database Interface
Data Structure and Applications
Internet Programming Languages
Operating Systems Concepts
Data Communication and Networks

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