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Modern Operating System Questions

Modern Operating System 
1.       Define operating system? Also distinguish between single stream batch processing batch multiprogramming?
2.       Differentiate between user mode and kernel mode. Explain their roles in Operating System structure.
3.       Describe the general objective of Memory Management System within an Operating System. Distinguish between Simple Paging and Virtual Paging.
4.       What is the meaning of the term busy waiting? What other kinds of waiting are there? Explain!
5.       What is meant by device independent I/O Software. Also explain important functions of device independent I/O software.
6.       Explain the following concepts
Deadlock Detection
Deadlock Recovery
7.       How much does the Operating system know about the content and structure of the files under its care? Explain.
8.       Differentiate between Network Operating System and Distributed Operating system? Explain your answer with suitable example.
9.       Elaborate the important services provided by an operating system. State your answer in the context of Windows Operating System.
10.   Compare and contrast the feature of preemptive and non preemptive scheduling.
11.   What is meant by Race Condition? How it is important during inter process communication? Explain your answer in the context of critical sections.
12.   Explain Virtual memory Management System in detail?
13.   List and explain the conditions necessary ad sufficient to produce a dead lock. Identify three strategies which can be used to deal with deadlocks.
14.   Explain important feature of UNIX Operating System.
15.   Discuss any two page replacement algorithms.
16.   Explain different types of Protection Mechanisms in File System.
17.   What do you understand by Process Management? Also describe briefly system Calls.
18.   Explain Round Robin Scheduling with priority examples? Also discuss to significance of Multiple Queues.
19.   Explain Memory management? Also describe briefly swapping with suitable examples.
20.   What do you understand by file system? Also briefly describe File Attributes.
21.   What do you understand by Interrupt handler? Also briefly describe device drivers.
22.   What are the prevention methods of dead lock? Also describe briefly dead lock, recovery.
23.   What do you understand by Two phase locking? Also describe briefly starvation.

24.   Write short note on any two of the following:
Banker’s algorithm
Error handling
File structure
Race conditions

25.   Functions of an operating systems.
26.    What is a process? Explain with diagram the three state process model.
27.   What is swapping and explain swapping through bit maps.
28.   What is a directory and directory operations.
The Shell
Lock Variables
The readers and writer problem
Priority scheduling page tables
Multiprocessor Time sharing System

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