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Professional Communication and Technical Business Writing Computer Education for All

Computer Education for all provides complete lecture on Professional Communication and Technical Business writing which covers technical and professional communication skills training/course complete tutorial on divided into unit also technical writing abilities and technical communication services careers suites and examples.
Units 1 Communication Barriers
What is Communication / objectives
Defining Communication
Communication Process
Mediums of Communications
Importance of Communication in Business
Communication within Organization
Communication Barrier
Types of Communication
Written Communication
Visual Communication
Line Graph
Bar Graph
Gantt Chart
Pie Chart
Non-verbal Communication
Mechanical Communication
Units 2 Business Communication and the Global Context / Objectives
An Intercultural Model
National Cultural Variables
Business Communication and the Ethical Context
Ethics as a communication Issues
Influences on Personal Ethics
Legal aspects of Business Communication
Defamation / Publication
Defamation / Privilege
Privilege / Conditions
Types of Defamation
Defamatory Terms
Invasion of Privacy
Unit 3 Business Communication and Technology
Unit Overview
Managing Information within and outside Organization
History and Role of Technological Developments
Online Library Catalogs and other Databases
Online Information Services
Commercial Online Information Services
Graphic Design Principles
Video conferences
Guidelines for Communicating Electronically
Legal and Ethical Implications of Technology
Privacy and Accessibility
Fair Information Practices Principles (FIP)
Unit 4 Written Communication
Unit Overview
Importance of Written Communication
Characteristics of Written Communication
Written vs. Oral
Professional Communication and Technical Business Writing Computer Education for All
Ingredients of effective Communications
3M’s of effective Communication
Principles of Communications 9 C’s (Completeness, Conciseness, Consideration, Correctness, Concreteness, Clarity, Courtesy, Correctness, Confidence)
Purposes of Business Writing Principles
Unit 5 Written Communications Letters, Memos, Circulars and News Release
Unit Overview
Importance of Business Letter
Appearance of Business Letter
Contents Letter Parts
Presentation (Fundamental Format / Styles of Letter In Business)
Characteristics or Qualities of a Good Business Letter
Guidelines for accomplishing AIDA functions
Sales Letters, Sales Promotion Letters, Characteristics of Sales Promotion Letters
Types of circular
News Release
Unit 6 Business Reports and Proposal Writings
Introduction to Reports
Functions of a Business Reports
Short and Informal Reports
Long and Formal Reports
Introduction to Proposals
Kinds of Proposals
Parts of the Proposal
Steps for preparing effective Oral Communications
Create Visual Aids
Strategies for an effective oral delivery
Ten Commandments for good listening
Faults in Listening
Persuasive Communications
Elements of Persuasive Communications
Principles of Persuasive Speaking
Unit 7 Oral communication skills and secrets strategies
Unit 8 Strategies for Successful Interpersonal Communication
Unit No. 9 Job Application Process System
Characteristics of Job Applications
Job Application Process
Types of Job Applications
Functions of job Applications
Interview purposes
Interviewee’s Responsibilities
Procedure during the job interview
Question Answers In Interview
Interviewer’s preparation before interview
Computer Interview
Suggestions for the computer interview
Successful Negotiation
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Computer Education for All


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