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AIOU Old Papers Post Graduate Programs

Find old papers of Allama Iqbal Open University ( AIOU ) for all level. All courses of Post Graduate level, excluding Business Administration (MBA) are available here. Please find the papers with course codes.

2575    Physial Chemistry-I (MSc Chem.)
2577     Inorganic Chemistry-I (MSc Chem.)
2580     Phsyical Chemistry-II (MSc Chem.)
2582     Inorganic ChemistryII (MSc Chem.)
2583     Biochemistry-II (MSc Chem.)
2586     Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds (MSc Chem.)
2587     Chemistry of Natural Products (MSc Chem.)
2590     Special Organic Reactions (MSc Chem.)
2591     Organic Synthesis (MSc Chem.)
3582     Research Studies (MS Multimedia)
3584     Editing Composing and Special Effects (MS Multimedia)
4502     Prose classical and modern (MA Arabic)
4504     Linguistics (MA Arabic)
4505     Applied Grammar (MA Arabic)
4506     Religious (MA Arabic)
4507     Art of Composition and Rhetoric (MA Arabic)
4508     Teaching Methodology (MA Arabic)
4552     Evolution of Tafseer Literature (MA Islamic Studies)
4553     Fiqh al Quran (Legal Study of Al Quran) (MA Islamic Studies)
5508     Resource Sharing and Net-Working(MLIS)
5511     Public Records, Rave Material and Their Conservation (MLIS)
5519     Management of Serial Publications (MLIS)
5551     Introduction to Sociology (MSc Sociology)
5552     Sociological Theory (MSc Sociology)
5553     Methods of Social Research (MSc Sociology)
5554     Social Statistics (MSc Sociology)
5555     Sociology of Deviance (MSc Sociology)
5556     Sociology of Development (MSc Sociology)
5558     Sociology of Gender Issues (MSc Sociology)
5559     Introduction to Social Work (MSc Sociology)
6600     Research Methods in Mass Communication (MSc Mass. Communications )
6601     Mass Communication Theories (MSc Mass. Communications )
6602     Social Psychology (MSc Mass. Communications )

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