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P. HD Computer Science Programe

Course Outlines:

Software Development: Tools & Processes
Formal Methods of Specification, Software Re-Use, Software Reengineering, Client-Server and Web-Based Software Engineering, Computer-Aided Software Engineering, Software Processes Improvement, Software Process Standardization CMMI Approach, Software Process Standardization Spice Approach, Software Process Authoring through Eclipse Process Framework

Advanced Database System Design 
Relational Algebra and TUPLE Calculus, Advance SQL, ERD and Enhance ERD, Higher Normal Forms, Transaction Management and Concurrency Control, Query Processing, Security, Distributed Database Concept and Design, Replication and Mobile Database

Advanced Data Mining
Data Mining Algorithms, Data Stream Processing, Time Series and Sequence, OLAP Technologies, Data Cube Computation, Mining Frequent Patterns, Cluster Analysis, Real Machine Learning for Data Mining, Ubiquitous Data Mining, Multi Dimensional Analysis of Data, Synopsis, Sliding Window, Dimensionality Reduction

System Simulation
Introduction to Simulation Modeling, Quick Review of Basic Probability and Statistics, Fundamental Simulation Concepts, Probability Distributions and Input Modeling, Generating Uniform and Non-Uniform Random Varieties, Building Simulation Models Using Simulation Tool (Arena, MATLAB etc), Output Data Analysis for Simulations, Monte Carlo Simulation: Practical Example, Variance-Reduction Techniques

Internet Systems and Application
Introduction to Internet and Web Technology, Emergent Systems, Dominant Applications, Infrastructure, Measurements, Security, Caching Infrastructure, Content Distribution Network, Inter-Autonomous System Trust Management

Topics in Video Computing
Introduction to Video Processing, Video Processing Advanced Topics, Latest Research Trends in Video Processing, Video Analysis, Computer Vision Advanced Topics, Relationship of Computer Vision Video Analysis, Editing Style and Techniques, Graphics Techniques, Advanced Video Productions

Image and Video Compression
Introduction to Lossless Compression Techniques, Audio/Speech Coding, Vector Quantization, Fractal Compression, Still Image Compression Techniques, Jpeg and Jpeg 2000, Video Compression Techniques, Mpeg Standard For Video Compression, Video Transmission Over Wired Network, Video Transmission Over Wireless Network

Digital Image Processing
2-D Sequences and Systems, Separable Systems, Projection Slice, Reconstruction from Projections and Partial Fourier Information, Z Transform, Different Equations, Recursive Computability, 2D DFT and FFT, 2D FIR Filter Design, Human Eye, Perception, Psychophysical Vision Properties, Photometry and Colorimetric, Optics and Image Systems, Image Enhancement, Image Restoration, Geometrical Image Modification, Morphological Image Processing, Half Toning, Edge Detection, Image Compression, Scalar Quantization, Loss Less Coding, Huffman Coding, Arithmetic Coding Dictionary Techniques, Wave Form and Transform Coding DCT, KLT, Hadammard, Multi Resolution Coding Pyramid, Sub-Band Coding, Fractal Coding Vector Quantization, Motion Estimation and Compensation, Standards: JPEG, MPEG, H.XXX, Pre- And Post Processing, Callable Image and Video Coding, Image and Video Communication over noisy Channels.

Multimedia Systems
Introduction and application of multimedia systems, Their historical context, Digital representation and requisite hardware, Multimedia software, tools and OCR software, Multimedia authoring and types of authoring tools, Vector graphics and bitmapped graphics, Resolution, image compression and manipulation, Digitization and processing of audio, Combining audio and video and multimedia databases,  Multimedia and Internetworking

Computer Animation in Education
Advanced Topics in Animation, Learning Process and Animation, Key Framing, Procedural Methods, Motion Capture and Simulation, Automatically Generated Control Systems, Dynamic Simulation of Flexible and Rigid Objects, Evolution of Behaviors, Case Studies

Philosophy of Cognition
Philosophy and Education, Challenge for a Contemporary Philosophy, Current Research Trends in Philosophy of Cognition, Consciousness and its Implication, Mental Representation, Interpretability of Various Computational Models of Thought and Concept, Compositionality of Thought, Case Studies

Educational Technology: Design and Evaluation
Introduction to Educational Technology, Learner-centered Design, Learning Needs and Requirements, Learning with Software, Design Principles, Evaluation of Educational Software, Evolution Methods Log File Analysis, Case Study
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
Concept Learning and the General-to-Specific Ordering, Decision Tree Learning  and Artificial Neural Networks, Evaluating Hypotheses and Bayesian Learning, Computational Learning Theory, Instance-Based Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Learning Sets of Rules, Analytical Learning, Combining Inductive and Analytical Learning, Reinforcement Learning

Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Engineering Concepts, AI Learning Techniques, Automatic Learning Techniques, Multi Agent Systems, Intelligent search or Method Techniques, Knowledge Systems, Machines Learning Techniques, Artificial Life, Automatic Thesauri Building and Operational Research in Knowledge Management for particular disciplines

Conduct of Classes/Mode of Teaching:

Classes will be conducted through video conferencing or OLIVE e-learning to nationwide scholars admitted. The classes will be delivered by faculty from various national and international well-known universities. All the participating universities will be connected via AIOU link. Lectures will also be recorded and broadcast, which may be available on the digital library/Internet.

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