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AIOU Admission Open for BS Programmes


BS Programmes  In 

Business Administration and Commerce

The Allama Iqbal Open University, a Mega university, was established in 1974 under an Act of parliament. The main campus of the university is situated in sector H-8, Islamabad. It was the second open university of the world and the first of its kind in Asia and Africa. The aim of establishing AIOU was to provide education through distance learning (at the door-steps) to those people who could not continue their educational journey through formal system of education due to one reason or another. The AIOU is effectively fulfilling this sacred duty by extending educational facilities to those parts of the country where educational opportunities, through formal system are scarce and also to the female segment of the society, who did not or could not attend college/school due to cultural or traditional reasons.

At present, the AIOU is offering programmes from matric to PhD level in diverse disciplines. The university has established 1200 study centres across the country, where distance education students are provided necessary guidance by their respective tutors. Moreover, the university has established full-time, study centres, wherein the students of BS Business Administration (IT and Banking and Finance) are provided instructions, guidance and counseling through face-to-face education.

Apart from curricular and extra-curricular activities during the academic year, the AIOU and its regional centres actively participate in the curricular activities by arranging educational and literary seminars and conferences, attended not only by the students and faculties of the university but also by renowned dignitaries and scholars. For the science students & research scholars, a huge science complex has been built where they use the latest equipment of international standard for experiments. To meet the present day challenges internet facility is also available in the students hostel and the Central Library where ten computers each have been provided to enable students to access latest information available through open source databases.


First established in 1981 with five departments, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has, over the years, flourished to become, by far, the largest Faculty of the University. It, today, consists of fourteen departments offering masters programmes in major areas of Social Sciences and Humanities like, Business Administration, Economics, Mass Communication, Sociology, Urdu, Library & Information Sciences, History, Pakistan Studies, and Teaching of English as a foreign Language (TEFL). Additionally, efforts are afoot to plan and launch post-graduate programmes in Pakistani Languages and Law. The Commonwealth-collaborated masters programmes in the areas of Business and Public Administration, which are specially tailored for the modern day busy executives, were launched in Spring 2002 semester.

In tune with the government’s policy of promoting and strengthening a culture of higher education and research in the country, the AIOU’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has shown a lot of dynamism over the past few years. It has launched M.Phil/Ph.D programmes in Iqbaliat, Urdu and Mass Communication, while preparations are being made to launch M. Phil/PhD in Business Administration, Applied Linguistics and History.

The Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities also offers several bachelors’ level programmes in such professional areas like Bachelors in Library & Information Sciences (BLIS), BS-Business Administration, BS-Commerce and Mass communication. Tens of thousands of students comprising all demographic groups and, from all over the country, enroll, each year, in these bachelor’s level programmes.

The Faculty has expanded vitally and its programmes have gained a high popularity as is clear from rapidly rising trend of enrolment during the past decade. During the period under report, the Faculty accorded high priority towards quality improvements and to modify its programmes in accordance with the current challenges of 21st century.

The Faculty proposed to launch Post-Graduate programmes in the disciplines of Political Science and International Relations, Psychology, Public Administration and Social Work.

Academic Programmes of the Faculty

Ph. D. (Iqbal Studies)
Ph. D. (Urdu)
Ph. D. (Economics)
Ph. D. (Commerce) (to be offered in near future)
Ph. D. (Business Administration) (to be offered in near future)
Ph. D. (Mass Communication) (to be offered in near future)
Ph. D. (History) (to be offered in near future)
M. Phil (Iqbal Studies)
M. Phil (Urdu)
M. Phil (Mass Communication)
M. Phil (Economics)
M. Phil (Commerce) (to be offered in near future)
M. Phil (History) (to be offered in near future)
M. Phil (Pakistani Languages)
MS Business Administration 3½ years (major in Marketing, Finance and HRM) (to be offered in near future)
MS Business Administration 2½ years (major in Marketing, Finance and HRM) (to be offered in near future)
MS Business Administration 1½ years (major in Marketing, Finance, HRM) (to be offered in near future)
BS-Business Administration (specializations in Marketing and Human Resource Management)
BS-Business Administration (specializations in Banking & Finance and Information Technology)
Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Executive MBA/MPA
MA (Teaching of English as Foreign Language)
M. Sc. (Pakistan Studies)
M. Sc. (Economics)
M. Sc. (Women Studies)
M. Sc. (Sociology)
M. Sc. (Mass Communication)
MA (History)
MA (Urdu)
MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences)
Post Graduate Diploma in (TEFL)
Post Graduate Diploma in (Mass Communication)
Post Graduate Diploma in (Women Studies)
BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
B. Com. BLIS, BMC (Mass Communication)
BA (General)
Certificate in Librarianship
HSSC (General, HSSC (I.Com.), SSC (General) MA (History)


The Department of Business Administration was established in 1986 with the objective to impart managerial education. In short period of its existence, the department has made tremendous progress towards achieving its ultimate goal of becoming a centre of excellence in business management education and research in Pakistan. The Department has assembled outstanding teaching faculty and developed extensive teaching material for the improvement of education in Pakistan. The University first time launched old schemes of MBA programme in 1986, MBA-IT in 2001 and MBA -Banking & Finance in spring 2005 semesters. Presently, the Department is offering BS-Business Administration and 2-years Commonwealth of executive MBA/MPA programmes.  Specializations in Marketing, HRM, Banking & Finance and IT are being offered in BS-Business Administration programme. These Programmes contribute significantly to the national goal of development of professionally equipped business executives. These are well taken by a large number of people waiting for an opportunity to upgrade their skills and enhance professional qualifications.
Graduates from this university are recognized in the human resource market and are enjoying respectable status in public and private sector organizations, operating in Pakistan and abroad.

3.1    Aims and Objectives

The Business Administration Programmes of AIOU are designed to achieve the following objectives:
i.    To prepare professionals for public and private sector organizations and to train them to cater to the needs of complex and changing business environment.
ii.    To inculcate future orientation in managers. This will encourage continuous learning and habitual receptiveness to new ways of identifying and dealing with opportunities and problems, in the business world.


The Business Administration programs offer opportunity to working executives as well as fresh graduates to add quality to business administration. The curriculum of these programmes emphasizes the development of managerial skills and attitudes of students. It aims basically to enhance the student’s abilities to identify business opportunities, make firm and clear-cut decisions, plan and control business functions as well as motivate people. The curriculum seeks to promote a high degree of professionalism and a deep sense of integrity and social responsibility in the students. It intends to provide concrete knowledge in the area of business education including Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Technology. Further, it equips the students with qualitative as well as quantitative techniques enabling them to solve modern age business related problems and issues.
The Department offers programmes with two different teaching modes as detailed below:

Programmes    Teaching Mode
BS Business Administration
(specializations in Marketing and Human Resource Management)    Through Distance Learning System BS Business Administration (specializations in Banking & Finance and Information Technology)    Through approved study centers

Roadmap for further Studies:

4.1    BS Business Administration Programme
(Specialization in Marketing Management and HRM) (Through Distance Learning System)

4.1.1    Duration
The whole programme is spread over eight semesters and the minimum period required for its completion is four years. The students are required to study 41 courses consisting of 130 credit hours.

4.1.2    Eligibility
The applicants having intermediate or equivalent certificate from any recognized Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education with at least 2nd division (45% marks) would be eligible to apply.

4.1.3    Teaching Mode
BS-Business Administration (specializations in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management) are offered through tutorial arrangements of AIOU Regional Campuses under Open and Distance Learning System. The cornerstone of education in Allama Iqbal Open University system is Open Distance Learning Mode where the tutorial way of teaching is applied. Tutors are the key academic guide available to students in this system. The University selects the tutors very carefully who are true professionals and educators. Fourteen tutorial meetings per course are held at different study centres operating in major cities of Pakistan where students have a face-to-face contact with the tutors. The duration of each tutorial meeting is two hours.

4.1.4    Degree Requirements
Following requirements are necessary for award of BS-Business Administration degree:

i.    Successful completion of 130 credit hours of study (total 41 courses) in minimum eight semesters.
ii.    Internship:  After completion of 6th semester the students will be required to complete non-credit for internship of 6 to 8 weeks in a well reputed organization. At the end of their internship the students will be required to submit a certificate from the concerned organization to the department.
iii.    Research Project: In 8th semester, the students will be eligible to register for the supervised research project which carries 6 credit hours. The students will have to complete and submit the research project to the department within one year, as per AIOU rules. There will be an internship workshop for the guidance of research proposal at the beginning of final semester.
iv.    Viva voce examination: On approval of the research project, viva voce would be conducted by the department at main campus Islamabad. The students will have to complete and submit the research project to the department and defend the research work in viva voce.
4.1.5    Scheme of Studies:

S.#    Course Title                                       Cr. Hrs
First Semester   
1    Principles  of Accounting                             3
2    Fundamentals of  Business                           3
3    Computer Applications for Business             3
4    Islamic Studies/Ethics (for Non Muslim)       3
5    Compulsory  English-1                                 3
 Second Semester
1    Advanced Accounting                                  3
2    Applied Math for Business and Social Sc.     3
3    Micro Economics                                         3
4    Principles of Marketing                                 3
5    Pakistan Studies                                           3
 Third Semester
1    Cost Accounting                                           3
2    Compulsory  English-II                                 3
3    Statistics for Management                             3
4    Social Psychology                                         3
5    Business Communications-I                           3
Fourth Semester
1    Introduction to Logic                                     3
2    Macro Economics                                         3
3    Introduction to Business Finance                    3
4    Business Communication II                            3
5    Introduction to  Sociology                              3
6    Pre Calculus                                                  3
 Fifth Semester
1    Business Ethics                                               3
2    Managerial Accounting                                   3
3    Production and Operations Management        3
4    Management Theory and Practice                  3
5    Business and Labour Laws                            3
 Sixth Semester
1    Introduction to E- Business                            4
2    Financial Management                                   3
3    Marketing Management                                 3
4    Entrepreneurship                                            3
5    Human Resource Management                       3
 Seventh Semester
1    Organizational Behavior                                 3
2    Consumer Behaviour                                     3
3    Management Information Systems                  3
4    Project Management                                      3
5    Business Research                                          3
6    International Business                                     3
Eighth Semester
Elective Courses for Specializations
(Select courses from one package of specialization given below)
Specialization in Marketing Management
1    International Marketing                                    3
2    Marketing of Services                                      3
3    Marketing Research                                         3
4    Distribution Channels                                        3
5    Research Project (Supervised)                          6
Specialization in Human Resource Management
1    Human Resource Development                         3
2    Training and Development                                 3
3    Compensation Management                               3
4    Leadership and Team Management                     3
5    Research Project (Supervised)                            6

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