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AIOU Question Answers General Informations

Q. What is the period of admission to MLIS programme?
A. In spring semester every year, i.e. February-March

Q. Is admission to MLIS programme granted to every applicant?
A. No. The admission is granted on the basis of open merit system against limited seats.

Q. What are the number of seats for admission to MLIS programme?
A. There were 75 seats in 2005. However the number of seats may be more or less every year.

Q. Can the applicants other than Islamabad/Rawalpindi apply for admission to MLIS programme?
A. Yes. All may apply across Pakistan, but the tutorial classes and workshops will only be held in Islamabad.

Q. What is the age limit for admission to MLIS programme?
A. No age limit.

Q. What is the procedure of submitting application forms and fee for admission to MLIS programme?
A. Since the MLIS admission is granted to the selected candidates in the order of merit, therefore, do not deposit fee/dues in advance until you receive admission offer along with prescribed payable fee tariff by the Admission Department of AIOU. Send MLIS admission forms complete in all respects by the closing date directly at the following address: Head, Dept. of Library and Information Sciences Block 6, Allama Iqbal Open University, H-8, Islamabad-Pakistan

Q. What is the medium of instruction for MLIS?
A. Most of the course material is in English. However a student may opt Urdu for assignments and examination. The tutors instruct the students in the tutorial and workshop meetings in English/Urdu as the students wish.


Q. How does AIOU impart education to the masses?
A. Allama Iqbal Open University is a distance education institution which imparts educational facilities to the masses at their door steps. In the general education programmes of AIOU and in Teacher education programmes the students are not required to come on campus for regular studies. They have option to attend the tutorial meetings arranged in the premises of other educational institutions in the afternoon. Following points shall be helpful in orienting the students about the AIOU system: i) Programmes are advertised through media and newspapers. ii) Students apply on the prescribed form. iii) Forms are made available in the Regional Offices of AIOU through out Pakistan. iv) Admission forms are received in the Admission Office through banks. v) Students Submit their forms alongwith the fee in the prescribed branches of Banks. vi) Forms are scrutinized and computerized lists are prepared. vii) Study Packets are prepared in the Mailing Office of the University according to the subjects and mailed to the students on their given addresses. viii) Study Centre meetings are arranged for the students (which are not compulsory for the general education programmes but strongly recommended by the University for getting the academic guidance. ix) During the study period, the students are requir4ed to do the assignments and submit to their tutors on the dates given in the assignments submission schedule. x) Assignments are evaluated by the tutors and returned back to the students. xi) Final examinations are arranged in public/private educational institutions like other Boards and Universities. Note: In technical and computer Science programmes attendance in the Study Centres is compulsory. Requirements of attending the study centre meetings varies according to the needs of the programmes and it is indicated in the prospectus.

Q. When are admissions advertised?
A. Admissions are advertised twice a year and usually remain open for one month as detailed below: Spring Semester: 1st February Autumn Semester: 1st August

Q. Is there any possibility for submission of admission with late fee?
A. As per present policy admission after closing dates is not allowed and no form with late fee is acceptable.

Q. When shall the books be mailed?
A. Finalization of admission takes at least one and a half month after the closing date of admissions. For despatch of books and allied material of your programme, contact the Mailing Officer on telephone No.051-9250185.

Q. In case of wrong receipt of books what should be done?
A. Course codes are given on the envelop of study packet and if books are not in accordance with the courses mentioned by you on the admission form, complain immediately to the Mailing Officer, Services Block, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad and also send the wrong books alongwith the application through registered mail.

Q. In case of missing items from the package for example tutorial schedule or assignments whom should I contact?
A. Immediately complain to the Mailing Officer and demand the specific items. - In order to save your time, you may get a copy of the same from your fellow students or Regional Offices.
Department of English language and Applied linguistics

Q. Do you offer MA English ?
A. We offer MA in Teaching of English and not English literature.

Q. Is a candidate with BA/BSc dgree eligible for admission to Diploma in TEFL?
A. Yes, candidates with BA/BSc in second division are eligible, but the candidates with the BA/BSc degree can apply only if they have studied complusory English with 200/150 marks. It may also be noted that admissions are awarded on merit; only the BA/BSc degree may not enable the candidates to get admission.

Q. Do MA English and BEd/MEd degress help in winning admission?
A. Yes, while determing the merit, credit is given to these dgrees.

Q. Can teaching experience help in getting admission?
A. Yes, it is taken into account for awarding admissions?

Q. Do you follow an open policy in awarding admissions?
A. No, we do not. Admissions are awarded on merit keeping the regional/ provincial quota in view.

Q. Are candidates with MA English degree eligible for admission to the MA TEFL programme?
A. No, only the candidates with a Diploma in TEFL/TESL, etc or equivalent qualifiction are eligible.

Q. I appeared in the Exams but “absent” has been reflected in the result card, why is it so?
A. There are many reasons for such mistake in the result: - The student has not written the Roll Number. - Has written wrong Roll Number. - The answer script remained unchecked by the examination and not included in the award list or any other. In such a case the students are advised to write an application to the Controller of Examinations for verification of record and issuance of correct/revised result card.

Q. I have been declared fail in course and I am quite dis-satisfied with the marking of examiners, I want to get my paper re-evaluated. Whom should I approach?
A. For all matters regarding exams and results, the student has to approach the Controller of Examinations. As regards re-evaluation it is informed that re-evaluation is not allowed. On the request of student rechecking is done in which it is ensured that all the questions and parts of questions are checked and marked and that the total is correct.

Q. How much I have to pay for re-checking of my paper?
A. Re-checking fee of Rs.300/- (Rupees three hundred) is charged in the form of Bank Draft in favour of Treasurer, AIOU, alongwith application for the purpose.

Q. I have successfully completed my courses of the programme. Now I want to get a degree, what should I do?
A. On completion of the programme i.e. successfully passing required credits of the programme, the student has to apply for the certificate/degree to the Controller of Examinations on the prescribed proforma usually given at the end of the prospectus and is also available in all the Regional Office of AIOU. The documents to be attached with the application and other details are given on the back of the same proforma.

Q. How long will issuance of degree take?
A. After submission of application for grant of degree, the transcript is issued within 3-4 weeks whereas the degree is issued after two years.

Q. I urgently need my degree, what is the procedure?
A. The procedure is the same as mentioned against Question No.49. For urgent release of degree, the student has to pay double certificate/degree fee.

Q. I have lost my certificate/degree, how can I get the duplicate one?
A. For issuance of duplicate degree/certificate, the student is required to first report the same in the newspaper and lodge an FIR with the nearest Police Station and a declaration on the Stamp Paper of at-least Rs.5/- mentioning that the certificate/degree has been misplace and a duplicate needs to be issued by the University whereas if the lost certificate is found at the later stage, the same shall be reported and returned to the University immediately. As regards fee for issuance of Duplicate certificate/degree, the double degree fee will be charged. The request shall be made to the Controller of Examinations.

Q. When shall exams commence?
A. The general schedule of exams for each semester is as follows: Spring Semester: November-December Autumn Semester: May-June However the dates may vary due to some operational reasons. Students are advised to confirm the examination dates from their respective Regional Office or Controller of Examinations before the above dates.

Q. What is the procedure for seeking approval of the writer in the examination?
A. For blind candidates, Controller of Examinations and Regional Directors are authorized to accord permission of writer. The applicant has to write an application in favour of either of the above officials and submit alongwith the recent photograph of the writer. Please note that the qualification of the writer should not be more than the level of programme of the blind student.

Q. I have to appear in the examination but I have not yet received my date sheet?
A. You are advised to contact the Office of Controller of Examinations on Ph. No.051-9250012 or 051-9250111 Ext: 4319. In case the time is less, you may approach your respective Regional Office. Regional Directors are authorized to issue provisional date sheets/admit slips after verifying from the record.

Q. This is my first experience for appearing in the AIOU exam, kindly guide what are the pre-requisites?
A. AIOU Examinations are conducted on the same pattern as are of different Boards/Universities. Your examination centre will be written on the date sheet issued from the Controller of Examinations which you shall receive 10-15 days ahead of exams. You are advised to take your original Identity Card and in case you don’t have your I.D. card take your original B. Form and an attested recent photograph to prove your identity in the centre.

Q. I have received letter to appear before the UMC whereas according to my knowledge, I have done neither any misconduct nor copied from any material?
A. Appear before the UMC on the date given in the letter and prove your innocence.

Q. I am not satisfied with the decision of UMC?
A. You have the right to submit your appeal to the Controller of Examinations against the decision of UMC.

Q. We appeared in the examination, result is still awaited, and how much time it will take for declaration?
A. Declaration of result takes at-least three months after the completion of exams.
Mathematics and Statistics

Q. Can I do MSc (Mathematics) without attending classes?
A. No. MSc (Mathematics) is a face to face program and requires 80% of attendence as a compulsory part.

Q. How lng is the MSc (Mathematics) programme?
A. MSc (Mathematics) requires a minimum of four (4) semester course work.
Regional Office Abbotabad

Q. admission time/schedule

Special Education

Q. When shall exams commence?
A. The general schedule of exams for each semester is as follows: Spring Semester: November-December Autumn Semester: May-June However the dates may vary due to some operational reasons. Students are advised to confirm the examination dates from their respective Regional Office or Controller of Examinations before the above dates.

Q. Which courses Department of Special Education is offereing?
A. Department of Special Education is offering following courses; 1) M.A Special Education 2) M.Ed. Special Education 3) M.Phil Special Education 4) Ph.D Special Education (Direct)* * For more info. please contact department

Q. How many specializations are offered by Department of Special Education?
A. Right now Department is offereing following Specializations to for its student of Masters level; 1) Visual Impairment 2) Hearing Impairment 3) Mental Retardation 4) Physical Disabilities

Q. Who are eligible for admission in M.A, M.Ed. Special Education courses?
A. Following is the criteria for admission in Special Education courses; 1) For M.A - Applicant having second division in B.A can apply for admission by depositing prescribed fee in bank. 2) For M.Ed - Applicant having second division in B.A & B.Ed. is eligible for admission after depositing prescribed fee in bank. For further info. and queries please do not hesitate to contact (9250078) or visit the department.

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