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Department Name :  BIOLOGY

Inauguration: February 13, 1998  

Introduction/Information : Biology was established in 1998. Presently it is working on F.Sc Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering Programs. Before to this the Department was offering some courses at different levels from basic to post graduate level for main pool of AIOU’s general Programs. Department of Biology has collaboration with members of other Universities of Pakistan and Post Graduate institutions for its Biological Science courses/Programs. Two labs have been established in Science Block for Biological Sciences to conduct practical of Biological philosophies.
Objectives : After completing this Program, students will acquire the necessary knowledge based in the area of Bio-medical sciences, which is very important to diagnose the infectious diseases as well as epidemics. The overall objective of this program is to Promote education of Applied/Life Sciences in the country. The specific objectives are: 1. To provide human resources/skilled Microbiological technologists for catering the needs of medical laboratories in hospitals and research institutes. 2. To provide foundation for higher studies in Microbiological Sciences. 3. To create awareness about the importance of this science for general public health.  


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