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A).           Our formal educational institutions and colleges have limited resources and can career a restricted number of students in the discipline of science at intermediate level. Realizing the importance of broadening the access of science education to large number of matriculates in science group, AIOU has launched HSSC Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering programmes. It is two – Year programme comprising of four semesters. Syllabus has been designed according to the guidelines provided by the Federal Ministry of Education Islamabad. Medium of instruction is English for all the science subjects. National Curriculum 2006 for AIOU F.Sc Pre-medical / Pre-Engineering Programs in being followed in these programmes


  1. The University arranges face to face to guidelines for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and understanding of Math, Statistics & Compute with the subject experts (tutors) at the study centers.
  2. Regular classes of 3 hour per week for each science subject are arranged and practical of two & half hour duration are conducted fortnightly at the study centre.
  3. Seventy Percent attendance in both theory and practical courses is compulsory.
  4. Teaching hours for our F. Sc programme are 162, whereas in formal system it is 160 hours. Similarly the total practical session for AIOU is of about 67 hours, whereas in formal system it is 53 hours.
  5. Duration of this program will not be more than 5 years (2+3) (six Semesters). If a student could not finish this program within five years, He has to register for this program as a fresh student.

B).           OBJECTIVES: 

Main objectives of HSSC (Pre-Medical / Pre-Engineering) programme are:

  1. To provide strong basis for higher scientific education
  2. To prepare and give exposure to the students for their professional career in basic sciences
  3. To provide a balanced science programme for those who could not continue their education in formal system
  4. To promote the student understanding of scientific concepts and terminologies
  5. To develop the scientific attitude, interest, understanding and experience in such a way that the learner’s desire is satisfied, prepare and develop the students for professional and technological pursuits.


Candidates seeking admission in HSSC (Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering) must possess a matriculation certificate with at least second division or equivalent with relevant science subjects.



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