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French Online Program

French Online Program  (Certificate Course Code 112)

Course title:               FRENCH ONLINE CERTIFICATE COURSE          
Duration:                    One semester (6 months)

Course description:

French Online is an E-learning method for learning French in Pakistan. The programme has been prepared by qualified Pakistani teachers who worked in collaboration with the Embassy of France and French Cultural Center Islamabad. A special platform/website has been created. The website is specially designed for learning French through Internet. All the modules or lessons are on this platform. The website is designed in a way to help students learn the language independently and on their own. They can study whenever and wherever they want. Students receive a password and can have an access to these modules. They study the modules on their own. Students are divided into groups and each group has not more than 20 students. Each group is assigned a tutor who keeps in touch with his /her students through French Online website. His/her job is not to teach his/her students but he/she acts as a guide and a moderator and facilitates and helps students in the process of learning. In addition, the students also have a face to face class with their tutor. Again the tutor doesn’t teach his/her students but prepare different interesting activities in order to make his/her students practice the spoken skill and improve their pronunciation. A total number of 30 modules are available online and after studying 20 modules the students can appear for DELF A1 exam. After passing this exam the students will receive a certificate from French Ministry of Education.

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The French Online Certificate course is a basic level course in which the students will study 8 modules/lessons. All the modules/lessons are on French Online website. After the enrollment in the course the students receive a password that is valid till the end of the semester. The students go to the French Online website. They type their user ID and their password and can study the modules at any moment of the day and at any place they want: at home, at work place etc.

A student has two weeks to study a module and then he/she attends a face to face class with his/her tutor. These face to face classes are organized to practice spoken skill. During the tutorials or the face to face classes the tutor does not teach but brings activities based on the objectives of a module that the students have already studied during the two weeks. The students have to spend at least two to three hours daily on French Online website to study a module.

French Online certificate course is a basic level course for students who have no prior knowledge of French language. Although all four skills are practiced but special emphasis is placed on oral proficiency. The purpose of this course is to introduce the students with the basics of French language so that they can continue to higher levels if they want to. This course is to teach the students the fundamentals of French language. This course will help a non French learner develop French language skills from a linguistic, cultural and civilization point of view.

The course includes grammar points, useful expressions and phrases of every day life, active use of grammatical structures and vocabulary. The students will learn to communicate with each other and with a French speaker using the basic every day French. They will develop the following skills: listening, understanding, reading, writing and speaking.

Objectives and outcomes

After successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

Ø      Greet in French
Ø      Interact with others in simple French
Ø      Introduce themselves and others
Ø      Ask simple everyday questions
Ø      Answer simple questions
Ø      Talk about their family
Ø      Talk about the seasons and weather
Ø      Talk about leisure activities and their likes and dislikes
Ø      Tell time
Ø      Understand simple short conversation in French
Ø      Read and comprehend simple texts in French
Ø      Write a post card
Ø      Write simple essays using simple French
Ø      Identify objects
Ø      Count in French
Ø      Tell dates
Ø      Give simple geographical description of a country and a city
Ø      Talk about holiday plans
Ø      Talk about means of transport
Ø      Talk about the future plans
Ø      Describe people

Student commitments

Ø      Students should spend at least 2/3 hours daily on French Online website for learning the module
Ø      Students should attend the fortnightly classes regularly
Ø      They should participate actively in class activities and try to speak French without any hesitation
Ø      Should do the test of each module and submit on time
Ø      Should do the assignments and submit on time
Ø      Should contact the tutor or the coordinator in case of any problem

Assessment and Evaluation

Students of French Online are being constantly assessed on three different levels:

Ø      Self- assessment

Each module has different exercises and activities. The students do these exercises and then can have an idea about their score enabling them to judge whether they have sufficiently acquired a concept or they have to study further. Through class discussion on the forum all learners try to examine their learning techniques under the supervision and guidance of their tutor and they also support each other in the learning process.

Ø      Assessment by the tutor

Every module contains an open ended exercise and a test that the learner is required to do and send to the tutor. The tutor checks and returns the test and the exercises with his/her comments and corrections.

Ø      Institutional assessment

At AIOU the learners of French language are supposed to do two assignments. They also appear for a mid term exam that is held after the completion of first four modules. At the end of the course a final exam is held. Successful candidates are awarded a certificate.

One semester

Intermediate or equivalent qualification with no third division


Students doing BCS/BIT from Allama Iqbal Open University (as optional course), students doing BA/ B. Sc or Master’s from any university (other than AIOU), engineers, doctors, nurses, people engaged in hotel, restaurant, businessmen, officers of armed forces, housewives, social workers, computer scientists, scientists (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), researchers or Ph. D scholars, people in tourism and travel agencies, students aiming to pursue their higher education in foreign countries specially in France, people interested in Canadian immigration, linguists, journalists, people interested in working at Embassies, Multinational companies or in United Nations Organizations, people related with NGOs or interested in working with an NGO

N.B: People living outside Pakistan cannot apply in the course as there are fortnightly face to face classes also that are mandatory and that are held only in Pakistan.


Ø      At least PII (P III recommended) with 56 K modem, sound card and speakers
Ø      Internet facilities
Ø      JVM installed in your machine

Admission starts in February and in August

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